This year we took the cephalo-party on the road, with live events in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and San Francisco.

This year for Cephalopod Week, we took the cephalo-party around the country with our friends at Atlas Obscura!

New York: In a Lovecraftian lair in lower Manhattan, cephalopod enthusiasts gathered to pay tribute to our tentacled overlords. Video producers Luke Groskin and Christian Baker illuminated the worlds of all sorts of cephalopods, from the always adorable Adorabilis to the elusive colossal squid, and cephalo-scientist Sarah McAnulty awed the audience with tales of SQUIDS IN SPACE!

LA: As is only fitting for a city known for showbiz, Cephalopod Week in Los Angeles kicked off with an undersea puppet show at the historic Bob Baker Marionette Theater, with tropical fish, barking seals, and even a sea monster! After that opener, the sold-out crowd got a chance to quiz aquarist Angelina Komatovich of the Aquarium of the Pacific about all things tentacled.

Chicago: Sure, there aren’t any cephalopods in Lake Michigan, but there are plenty of cephalopod experts in Illinois. Chicagoans sipped squid ink cocktails at the Queen Mary Tavern and talked cephalopod science with Carrie Albertin, Yan Wang and Cliff Ragsdale from the University of Chicago, and Janet Voight from the Field Museum.

 San Francisco: In the city by the bay, nearly 300 San Franciscans enjoyed a cephaloparty complete with squid ink beer, octopus art, and small aquariums (yes aquariums) of live cephalopods! And if attending a cephalopod party with live cephalopods in the audience wasn’t enough, we were also dazzled by the storytelling of Richard Ross from the California Academy of Sciences and science writer Danna Staff.
The Bob Baker Marionette Theatre in Los Angeles. Photo by Christopher Intagliata
Squid ink cocktails at the Queen Mary Tavern in Chicago. Photo by Rachel Bouton
A crowd of cephalopod lovers at Public Works in San Francisco. Photo by Danielle Dana
Squid art at Public Works in San Francisco. Photo by Danielle Dana

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