Welcome to Beaverland: SciFri Book Club Author And Expert Livestream

On January 26, join our chat with the author of ‘Beaverland: How One Weird Rodent Made America’ about this peculiar keystone species.

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Welcome to Beaverland: SciFri Book Club Author and Researcher Q&A

  • When: Thursday, January 26 at 6:00pm ET / 3:00pm PT
  • Where: Science Friday’s YouTube livestream
  • Tickets: Free! RSVP for updates

Rewatch the Livestream

How would you describe beavers to someone who has never heard of them? Maybe you’d call them nature’s engineer, or you’d mention that they’re mammals with flat tails, ever-growing teeth and water-resistant fur, or perhaps that they are a keystone species that help maintain ecosystems across the country!

We’ve gathered two experts who have dedicated their recent work to telling you all about these weird and wonderful animals. Come with your questions for Leila Philip, author of Beaverland: How One Weird Rodent Made America, and Emily Fairfax, beaver and ecohydrology researcher, about these amazing hodgepodge creatures.

This event is a part of the SciFri Book Club January 2023 pick. Find out more about our book club on this month’s main page.

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