Color In the Gene-Spliced Future

What shade is dystopia?

For this edition of the #SciFriBook Club, we’re traveling to the foreboding future of Margaret Atwood’s Oryx and Crake. It’s a world where genetic engineering and climate change have run amok.

To help you envision what this dystopian reality might look like, artist Narciso Espiritu, Jr. illustrated some of the manmade creatures from the book—domestic rakunks, vicious wolvogs, organ-farmed pigoons, and fluorescing rabbits.

You can help complete the scene by coloring in the drawing below.

Click through to print out the lineart below and color it in to create your own gene-spliced future. Then, let us see what you came up! Post it in the comments or tweet us @scifri.

Illustration by Narciso Espiritu. Click through to print!
Illustration by Narciso Espiritu. Click through to print!

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