Color Me Like A Cuttlefish: Explore Our Digital Cephalopod Coloring Book

We’re suckers for a good coloring book page. If you are too, try our all-ages cephalopod coloring challenge!

Ira Flatow holding up a colored pencil drawing of a squid.
We love our listeners’ creativity! Here’s Ira showing off some fabulous squid artwork made by a listener.

Cephalopods are fascinating animals—not just because of all the scientific research they produce, but also for having a show-stopping visual appeal. This year, as a part of Science Friday’s ongoing commitment to building connections between science and the arts, we’re bringing you a digital coloring book that’ll knock all eight of your socks off.

Each of the following five pages features one detailed line-drawing of a cephalopod, connected to a science story that’ll help you get to know it beyond just its gorgeous face. Get to know the scientific and the artistic sides of these creatures, and add your own creative flair. These pages are for cephalopod enthusiasts of any age!

Download the coloring pages at the bottom of this article, or get the full experience by signing up for our 2023 Cephalopod of the Day newsletter! Each day for five days, we’ll send a new coloring page, PLUS a science story about the cephalopod highlighted, along with a little artistic challenge to guide your creativity.

Cephalopod of the day science coloring challenge banner featuring a squid and a flapjack octopus

A woman holding a colored pencil and drawing on a blank coloring sheet.
Producer Kathleen Davis coloring in a bobtail squid.

The SciFri staff has already enjoyed coloring in these ink-credible beauties. But we want to see what YOU create! Share your art with us on Twitter using the hashtag #CephInColor, through Instagram, or email us at

Click the following images to download them!

Download as a PDF

All artwork is credited to Abi Stevens, for Science Friday. 

Other Ways To Cephalo-brate:

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