Cephalopods Are Coming To A Town Near You!

This June, gather with us in Atlanta, Houston, Miami, and Thousand Oaks for another sunny Cephalopod Week celebration.

Event promotional image. An illustrated underwater scene featuring two cephalopods on a coral reef, with smaller cephalopods swimming in the background. The text reads: Science Friday presents #CephalopodWeek. Join us June 23-28 for another year of cephalo-parties! Find out more & grab your tickets at ScienceFriday.com/CephalopodWeek2023
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simplified graphic of an octopus tentacle, represented only by its circular suckers, as if reaching up from the bottom and circling at the top, with the phrase #CephalopodWeek across the middleCephalopod Week is back for another event series to cephalo-brate our favorite underwater invertebrates! For over 10 years, Science Friday has hosted Cephalopod Week, and along the way, we’ve partnered with science centers, museums, local radio stations, aquariums, and amazing gathering spaces to highlight these eight-armed creatures and the outstanding, octopus-obsessed people who study and care for them.

This June, you can join us in-person in Atlanta, Miami, and Thousand Oaks. Come with your questions for our researchers, aquarists, scientists, experts, and other cephalopod enthusiasts!

Want to celebrate cephalopods all month long? Join the SciFri Book Club! We are reading Monarchs of the Sea: The Extraordinary 500-Million-Year History of Cephalopods by Danna Staaf throughout June.

Miami, FL

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The SciFri team is coming to Miami to celebrate a local celebrity: cephalopods! On Friday, June 23, meet us at the University of Miami Rosenstiel School  on Virginia Key to hear all the latest on our squid, octopus and cuttlefish neighbors. You’ll learn all about the importance of collecting cephalopods for scientific research, how ocean acidification might influence squid, and why scientists work with these malleable marine creatures. You may even get the chance to meet a live marine invertebrate!

Ira Flatow will host two Rosenstiel School all-stars: Lynne Fieber, Ph.D., professor of marine biology and ecology who has studied the nervous systems of all types marine invertebrates including cephalopod and sea slugs, and Andrea Durant, Ph.D., postdoctoral fellow in the Grosell Environmental Physiology and Toxicology Lab, who is studying how tiny glass squid live in a rapidly-changing ocean.

This event will be recorded for possible use as part of Science Friday’s radio program!

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Houston, TX

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What do marine invertebrate research and space exploration have in common? More than you might think! On Saturday, June 24, meet the Science Friday team at Space Center Houston for an unforgettable meeting of the minds. You’ll learn all about squid in space, how undersea and space exploration are similar and different, and what experts in spacefaring (AKA, spaceflight operations) and teuthology (that’s the study of cephalopods!) say they can learn from each other. 

Come with your questions for Megan McArthur, an oceanographer, engineer, and NASA Astronaut, who spent 200 days in space conducting scientific research and technology demonstrations aboard the International Space Station, and is currently serving as the Chief Science Officer at Space Center Houston, and Diana Li, squid biologist and science communicator, who received her PhD in Biology from Stanford University researching squid locomotion, and is now Associate Director of Education & Training Initiatives at Columbia University’s Zuckerman Institute in New York City. Hosted by Science Friday’s Director of News and Audio, John Dankosky.

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Thousand Oaks, CA

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Science Friday is coming back to Thousand Oaks—this time, we’ll celebrate the sea and our favorite underwater invertebrates: cephalopods! On Saturday, June 24, gather with us at the Bank of America Performing Arts Center Scherr Forum Theatre to learn how the changing oceans are affecting octopuses, what it’s like to study squid, and why artists combine art and science to make beautiful creature creations. 

Bring your questions for Lloyd Trueblood, associate professor of biology at La Sierra University and an invertebrate physiologist who studies the squishy animals in the ocean and explores how they survive changing environments, and Meg Mindlin, an MSc student from Walla Walla University who studies cephalopods’ adaptability in an ever-changing ocean using RNA editing, and makes beautiful cephalopod-themed art. Hosted by Science Friday’s Director of Audience, Ariel Zych.

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Atlanta, GA

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Are you curious about cuttlefish? Stunned by squid? Overwhelmed by octopuses? On June 28, join us at 6:00pm at the Georgia Public Broadcasting studios for an intimate evening celebration of these amazing invertebrates with the host of Science Friday, Ira Flatow!

He’ll be in conversation with two local scientific experts in undersea life and cephalopod care: Emily Greene, senior aquarist at the Georgia Aquarium, has cared for cephalopods, sea jellies, turtles and other animals as part of her nearly 10-year marine husbandry career, and Nicole Johnston, biology lecturer at Spelman College, teaches students about coral reefs, undersea ecosystems, and ocean acidification due to climate change—and strives to keep people (like you!) up-to-date about the health of our oceans.

This event is presented in collaboration with our partner, Georgia Public Broadcasting. By RSVPing for this event, you are signing up for newsletters from Science Friday and Georgia Public Broadcasting. You can opt out at any time.


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