How to Take a Selfie-lopod

How well can your cuttlefish camouflage?

Behold the mighty cuttlefish, master of camouflage. They can change their color to blend into the environment to hide from predators, communicate with each other, and even express happiness.

Yeah, the cuttlefish is pretty rad (personally, it’s my favorite cephalopod). But do you think you have the chops to camouflage like a cuttlefish, and use your chromatophores to hide and talk to your friends? Let’s find out.

First, print out the image below (click through for a PDF).CephalopodWeek_Selfielopod16Then, cut out your cuttlefish and color it in so it matches its surroundings. Like so:

Two SciFri staffers, camouflaging.

Finally, show off how you did by taking a picture and tweeting it with #CephalopodWeek.

Then, and only then, will we see who truly has what it takes to be the most glorious of cephalopods: the cuttlefish.

Cuttlefish aren’t your speed? Try some of our past selfielopods:

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Take a Selfielopod for #CephalopodWeek!

In either case, we want to see how you do! Tweet it with #CephalopodWeek, or put your image in the comments below.

Let’s get squiddy with it!

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