The Kaiju Preservation Society: Author Livestream And Q&A

On August 23, join our event with ‘The Kaiju Preservation Society’ author on what it takes to write a believable monster onto the page.

Event promotional image. In top left corner, SciFri Book Club logo, with event info below, which reads: The Kaiju Preservation Society: Ecology, nuclear-reactor monsters, and writing alternative universes, oh my! with the author, John Scalzi. August 23, 7:00pm ET, Online + Free, To the right of the frame is an image of THE KAIJU PRESERVATION SOCIETY book cover and a headshot of author John Scalzi, a man with a dark shirt smiling slightly at the camera. The background features a forest with tall trees and dramatic shadows from a rising run

The Kaiju Preservation Society: Author Livestream and Q&A

  • When: Wednesday, August 23 at 7:00pm ET / 4:00pm PT
  • Where: Science Friday’s YouTube livestream
  • Tickets: Free! RSVP for updates

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What does it take to write a believable kaiju—as well as a charming group of scientists and explorers—onto the page? Join the SciFri Book Club as we welcome John Scalzi, award-winning author of our August 2023 pick, The Kaiju Preservation Society, to discuss worldbuilding on an alternative Earth, combining ecology, biology and cultural touchpoints to create new giants, and how he used a lifetime of scientific curiosity to write a sci-fi romp in five weeks during a global pandemic.

Come with your queries and wonderings—we’ll be taking your questions via the livestream comments.

This event is a part of the SciFri Book Club August 2023 pick. Find out more about our book club on this month’s main page.

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