“The Pod Generation” Explores High-Tech Alternatives To Pregnancy

In the film “The Pod Generation,” a couple finds out what it’s like to grow their baby inside a pod. But how will the technology affect society?

a black man and a white woman sit by a white egg shaped capsule. behind them is a logo for a horse with a wing
Emilia Clarke (left) and Chiwetel Ejiofor (right) star in “The Pod Generation.” Credit: Vertical & Roadside Attractions

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In the new movie The Pod Generation, a wife named Rachel, played by Emilia Clarke, and her husband Alvy, played by Chiwetel Ejiofor, want to start a family. In the movie’s near future, you don’t have to have a baby by getting pregnant, or using IVF, or going through a surrogate.

If you’re lucky, you can get a reservation at The Womb Center, where you can grow your baby inside a convenient, high-tech, egg-shaped pod. Pressured by her friends and her work’s HR department, Rachel decides to give The Womb Center a shot.

But Alvy, a professor of botany and lover of the natural world, is not thrilled to find out Rachel wants a pod baby. Despite this, they forge ahead and learn how this new technology will not only change society, but their relationship.

Universe of Art host D. Peterschmidt sat down with the film’s writer and director, Sophie Barthes, to talk about what inspired her to make the movie, and what may be lost in the thoughtless pursuit of technology.

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