It’s Time For A Springtime Showdown: Vote For Your Pollinator Pick

Three scientists present their choice for the primo pollinator—and you get to vote and decide this year’s winners!

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SciFri’s Springtime Showdown With The Great Sunflower Project 

  • When: Monday, April 26, 2021 at 1:00 p.m. ET
  • Where: Science Friday’s Zoom webinar
  • Tickets: Free with RSVP

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It’s time for a Springtime Showdown! Did you know bees, flies, and bats all pollinate plants around the world—and they are all important in making more flowering plants? This spring, you get to decide which pollinator should win Most Likely To Succeed, Class Clown, Best Costumer, and more! 

Three scientists will rep their favorite pollinator, and the audience (you!) will ultimately decide who goes home with the flowery crown.

You’ll also get a chance to learn about The Great Sunflower Project, our featured crowdsource science project this year.

Repping Bats: Dana Green is a PhD candidate at the University of Regina in Saskatchewan Canada, where she studies bat ecology and migration. Originally from Missouri, Dana has studied bats across North America and various aspects of bat ecology including population dynamics, habitat selection, and landscape-level movements. Dana is currently serving as the student representative on the Board(s) of Directors for the American Society of Mammalogists and the North American Society for Bat Research.

Repping Bees: Peter Soroye is a conservation biologist and PhD Student at the University of Ottawa, Canada. Peter studies the impacts of climate change and land use change on biodiversity across the globe, with a focus on wild pollinators like bumblebees and butterflies. His goal is to use his research to inform conservation, to help find more better ways of protecting wildlife. 

Repping Flies: Erica McAlister is an entomologist and senior curator at the Natural History Museum in London. She’s also the author of The Inside Out of Flies.

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This event is a part of Citizen Science Month! You can find out more about Science Friday’s partnership with SciStarter and our plans for this year’s celebration on our website here.

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