Saying Goodbye To Science Diction

It’s been wonderful to have you sharing in our Science Diction fun for the last two years. But, all good things must come to an end.

a simple black and white illustration of a typewriter on a wine-red background
Credit: Rose Wong

Dear Science Diction listeners,

It is with sadness that we announce the finale of the Science Diction podcast. Starting with a simple newsletter and a passionate audience, the Science Diction podcast grew to serve up episodes on topics as varied as meme, ketchup, and juggernaut. It has been a joy to share these stories with you for the last two years. In celebration of Science Diction, we are sharing with you now a final mini-episode, a look back on this labor of love.

You can read and listen to past editions of Science Diction anytime by visiting If you find yourself longing for more science esoterica, we invite you to join us at our weekly trivia nights. Hosted by Diana Montano and a variety of guest experts, they are a free, and absolutely nerdy, delight.

On behalf of Johanna, Elah, and everyone that has contributed to making Science Diction, thank you for listening!

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