SciFri Is Hosting Virtual Trivia Nights—And You’re Invited

Be the most popular person in your group thread: bring your team to the nerdiest virtual trivia night out there, full of science nerdiness!

Science Friday Virtual Trivia Nights

  • When: Wednesday, July 28 at 8:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. PT
  • Where: Science Friday’s YouTube livestream
  • Tickets: Free! Register for more info and reminders.

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We can’t wait to hang out with you for Science Friday Virtual Trivia Night! SciFri Trivia is a weekly gathering that’s part science-y facts, part dance party, and part pop culture romp—and it’s for anyone looking to bring together teams (or bravely play solo) to win ultimate bragging rights. It’s not all science trivia but let’s just say it wouldn’t hurt to listen to last week’s SciFri radio show. You might even catch a glimpse of recognizable Science Friday staff member! 😉

We’re currently on summer hiatus—but we’ll be playing a few games while we await autumn, so sign up for updates on our upcoming events!

Here’s all you need to know to join and play.

  • Start time: 8:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. PT
  • Run time: about an hour
  • We suggest playing on a computer, as you’ll need to watch the livestream while entering trivia answers via form submission.

Here’s a checklist for the lead-up to trivia night.

  • Assemble your team (up to eight people total – or you can totally play solo!).
  • Register using the RSVP form above.
    • This webpage is actually the same link where you’ll watch trivia! The image above will be replaced with a YouTube livestream. We recommend joining from a computer if you can – it can be tricky on phones or tablets.
  • Choose a way to stay connected if your teammates are playing from different locations.
    • We suggest a phone call, chat or video call separate from the main trivia YouTube livestream. Ask everyone to wear headphones, so there’s no echo of the livestream from different computers—or, ask one person to share their screen and show the livestream to all team members in a Zoom, Google Meet, or Discord group call.
  • Prep the answer forms. For each of the three rounds, each solo player or team will submit one form with their answers. If you’re playing on a team, choose one representative to submit all the forms. Mind the formatting rules!
    • Make sure to RSVP to receive these instructions, including answer form links, in advance.
  • Invite some pals! Not all the questions will be STEM- or SciFri-related, but it wouldn’t hurt to have a biologist, avid SciFri listener or general STEM enthusiast on your team.
  • Add weekly trivia night to your calendar, or set a reminder to join at 8:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. PT. We don’t want you to miss any fun (or points)!

We’ll announce the winner(s) at the end of trivia night, and keep a running tally of weekly scores on our website.

What does the winner get, you ask?? Endless bragging rights and maybe some science-y prizes.

Got questions? Drop us a line at

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