Science Friday Live in Orlando

On Tuesday, March 28, Science Friday heads to Orlando to show how the future is NOW!

On Tuesday, March 28, Science Friday heads to Orlando for a special night focused on Engineering the Future. Join us, in partnership with 90.7 WMFE, for a live show at the Bob Carr Theater at 7:30pm.

Host Ira Flatow will explore real-life inventions that show how the future is NOW! You’ll see bionic prosthetic devices that move via electrical impulses, and robotic “ants” that might one day sniff out resources on the Red Planet.

Plus, it’s way too expensive to launch water, fuel, and building materials into space—each pound of cargo runs up a $10,000 tab. The solution: Make it all in space instead! Jackie Quinn and Rob Mueller of NASA’s Kennedy Space Center will talk about space robots, like the Resource Prospector and “RASSOR,” which may someday help transform moondust into drinking water, bricks, and even rocket fuel.

To top it off, you’ll get to cheer on competing robots—built by some of Florida’s talented young engineers—while also enjoying the guitar stylings of Orlando’s own Chris Belt.

You can join us by picking up tickets at WMFE’s website.

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