Join A Live Recording Of Science Friday’s Radio Show

Join the live conversations with Ira Flatow and guests as they record for our radio program—and get the chance to have your voice on the show!

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Join A Live Recording For Science Friday’s Radio Show

Because of the pandemic, our show is currently pre-recorded, so we are not able to take your calls. We miss having your voices on our radio program. We still want to hear from you on our VoxPop app, and we also want to experiment with something new—we’re inviting you to join us live for select recordings for Science Friday on the radio!

We will livestream select recording sessions, which will be open to any SciFri fan who wants to listen in and get the chance to have their voice back on the radio. Attendees will be able to hear the interview before it is broadcast the following Friday, as well as chat with fellow listeners, ask questions to Ira and his guests via the chat feature on Zoom, and could be selected to ask their question live—just like our call-in show! There’s no space limit to join, although we may only have time for a few listeners to ask their questions on-air.

See below for our scheduled recordings. If you can’t make it to this one, don’t worry—we will announce more recording sessions coming up. We hope to hear you soon!

Please note: All events will be recorded for use on Science Friday’s radio show. Any comments or voice recordings by attendees may be used as part of these pre-recorded segments.

Two cephalopod creatures underwater in translucent eggs#AskAnExpert with Squid Scientist Sarah McAnulty

Listen in as Ira Flatow chats all-things cephalopods with squid biologist Sarah McAnulty!

  • When: Tuesday, August 25, 2020 at 5:00pm ET
  • Where: Science Friday’s Zoom webinar
  • Tickets: Free!

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