Must Read List Of Speculative Fiction By Writers Of Color

The SciFri Book Club team and writers of color recommend some of their favorite novels, podcasts, anthologies, and films by diverse creators.

a collage of science fiction book covers by writers of color and many about diverse and historically marginalized communities
A bounty of speculative fiction stories by diverse authors awaits you! Designed by Lauren Young

illustrated stack of books with text "scifri book club"This is a part of our fall Book Club conversation about the short story collection, New Suns: Original Speculative Fiction By Writers of Color, edited by Nisi Shawl. Want to participate? Sign up for our newsletter or record a voice message as you read on the Science Friday VoxPop app.

The SciFri Book Club finished this fall’s exploration of fantastical fiction and diverse futures in New Suns: Original Speculative Fiction By People of Color. Along the way, we looked at stories by Indigenous, Black, Chicanx and South Asian writers and discussed some of the worlds that have blossomed in the imaginations of people who have historically been marginalized in science fiction, fantasy and other speculative genres.

But there’s much, much more to read and explore. Below we’ve compiled recommendations for additional authors, story collections, podcasts and even films from our radio guests.

a person wearing a beaded crown
Author and editor Nisi Shawl. Credit: Courtesy of Nisi Shawl

Nisi Shawl

Author of Everfair and Editor of New Suns

The Carl Brandon Society is dedicated to nurturing writers of color, and often hosts conversations with authors from around the world. Find out more information on their blog.

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a portrait of a black woman in a blue flower shirt
Editor Aisha Matthews. Credit: Omar B Rimawi

Aisha Matthews

Managing Editor, Journal of Science Fiction 

Catherine S. Ramirez

Professor of Latino and Latin American Studies, University of California, Santa Cruz


  • Sleep Dealer, directed by Alex Rivera, 2009
  • Children of Men, directed by Alfonso Cuáron, 2006


a portrait of a indian man with glasses in a black shirt
Author Indra Das. Credit: Rajib Saha

Indrapramit Das

Author, The Devourers


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a portrait of a black woman in glasses
Author K. Tempest Bradford. Credit: courtesy K. Tempest Bradford

K. Tempest Bradford

Speculative Fiction Author and Teacher at Writing The Other

Recommended Authors:

  • Rebecca Roanhorse: “She is usually pegged as a Native author, and she is, but she is also Black and I think it’s important to recognize that intersection.”
  • Linda Addison: “Especially if you like horror and if you’re into poetry, because Linda has published horror poetry (and won several awards for it).”
  • Sheree Renee Thomas: “In addition to being an inspiring editor, Sheree is an amazing author. She just had a book come out earlier this year: Nine Bar Blues.”
  • Nandi Taylor: “A newer author. Her first book came out this year. Already she’s proving to be amazing.”
  • Lightspeed Magazine’s Destroy Science Fiction series

an Indigenous woman wearing a headband
Author Darcie Little Badger. Credit: courtesy Darcie Little Badger

Darcie Little Badger

Author, Elatsoë

  • Works by Stephan Graham Jones: “As a horror fan, I’ve read lots of Stephen Graham Jones.
  • Love After The End, edited by Joshua Whitehead: “In terms of authors, I recently had a story in Love After The End, an “anthology of two-spirit and Indigiqueer speculative fiction” edited by Joshua Whitehead, so that’s a great place to look.”
  • Walking the Clouds, edited by Grace Dillon: “As well as the table of contents of Walking the Clouds, edited by Grace Dillon, the person to coin the term ‘Indigenous Futurisms’.”

Christie Taylor

Science Friday Producer and SciFri Book Club Captain

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