This Valentine’s Day, Say ‘I Love You’ With Science

SciFri asked real scientists to write love notes. Now you can share them with that special someone.

This Valentine’s Day, give the gift of science to that special someone. SciFri asked real scientists to write Valentine messages that incorporate scientific concepts. (Yes, we really asked them, and yes, these are their own words.)

Print the cards out to give to your loved ones, or share them by clicking on the images below. May your Valentine’s Day be full of chemistry…the romantic kind.

Quote: Bobak Ferdowsi. Original image from NASAJPL

Quote: Edward Frenkel. Image credit: algebra, from Shutterstock

Quote: Riley Black. Credit: Shutterstock

Quote: Laura Taalman. Original image courtesy of

Quote: Jill Tarter. Original image courtesy of the Hubble Space Telescope

Quote: Katherine Isbister. Image credit: augmented, from Shutterstock

Quote: Jeff Lockwood. Image credit: mantis, from Shutterstock

Quote: Michael Bernstein. Image credit: Internet, from Shutterstock

Quote: Marshall Shepherd. Image credit: climate change, from Shutterstock

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