Nerd Out With Your Brain Out At Science Trivia Night In Atlanta

On November 8, gather your smartest friends (or the luckiest ones) and test your science knowledge for bar trivia!

Science Trivia! with Science Friday & Science ATL

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Gather your smartest friends (or the luckiest ones) and test your science knowledge! Join Science Friday, Science ATL, and Halfway Crooks for a jam-packed trivia night that’s part science-y facts and part pop culture romp! Bring your nerdy team together (or bravely play solo) to win ultimate bragging rights—and some real prizes, too.

The best part? Delicious food, good lager, and free air under the elms in the Halfway Crooks Biergarten. Come hungry, thirsty, and ready to play!

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Diana Plasker is the Experiences Manager at Science Friday, where she creates live events and partnerships to delight and engage audiences in the world of science.

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