D. Peterschmidt

Host of Universe Of Art, Producer

D. Peterschmidt is a producer, host of the podcast Universe of Art, and composes music for Science Friday’s podcasts. They write articles, sound design podcast episodes, produce segments, design graphics, code microsites, and make sure SciFri’s web pages are looking fresh.

Before joining the team at Science Friday, D. was a product intern for NPR, where they helped out with podcast content management, social media strategy, and designed new promo art.

D. grew up in San Diego, where they learned hip slang like “swoll,” “clean,” and “off the flame” to describe muscle definition.

When they’re not working, you might find D. playing Super Smash Bros. with their family, making 8-bit covers of TV show theme songs, or playing D&D as a clumsy bard named Chip Chap Chopman.