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An illustration of a woman looking through a telescope at constellations in the night sky. A llama stands on a hill behind her, with an observatory on the right.
Illustration by Carmen Deñó for Science Friday

Did you know that some of the best locations for studying the cosmos are in Latin America? From centuries-old solar observatories in Mexico to cutting-edge radio telescopes in the Andes, the region is home to some of the most exciting astronomical discoveries and space research.

Science Friday is proud to announce a collaboration with El País: América Futura on a 7-week newsletter about astronomy and space science from Latin America. Each week, we’ll send you a story on issues like how satellites are monitoring deforestation in the Amazon, the future of astronomy in Puerto Rico after the collapse of the Arecibo telescope, and new research led by Latin American women.

Each story will be available in English and Spanish.
The newsletter starts on May 22.

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