Crown 2021’s Cephalopod Of The Year For #CephalopodWeek

From June 18-25, we’re celebrating the 8th Annual Cephalopod Week by awarding one lucky, many-armed invertebrate the award of a lifetime.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Cephalopod Week is back and better than ever—and for our 8th annual cephalo-bration, we’re blowing things out of the water for all those who are marine invertebrates at heart (or one of their three hearts, like an octopus).

Since 2014, we’ve come together every June to wonder in awe over the curious and captivating cephalopod—from the cuttlefish and squid, to nautiluses, octopuses, and more. From June 18 to 25 this year, there will be more ways for you to celebrate than arms you can count on.

In addition to new radio interviews, a behind-the-scenes look inside the Monterey Bay Aquarium, and a squiddy trivia night, this year we’ll be awarding the first-ever Cephalopod Of The Year Award! One lucky creature will start this summer with a specially-fit crown for its mantle, and you—our cephalo-community—will choose the winner. Which cephalopod personifies 2021 best: the majestic and rare Blanket Octopus, or the wily and colorful Flamboyant Cuttlefish?

You can cast your vote for Cephalopod Of The Year 2021 on social media! The voting starts June 18, 2021 and we will be partying on Facebook, TikTok, Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #CephalopodWeek. Find more info below!

How To Join In!

Read, Watch, And Listen With Us

Throughout Cephalopod Week, check out our new and archived stories about cephalopods. You can discover our articles, videos, education activities, and radio segments, or dive deep into our pool of stories from Cephalopod Weeks past in the Cephalopod Week Spotlight.

We’re revisiting the first-ever Cephalopod Week in a special edition of our SciFri Rewind newsletter—sign up to get the story (and more!) sent straight to your inbox.

And don’t forget to tune in to your local radio station or stream Science Friday from our website on Friday, June 18 and June 25 from 2:00-4:00 p.m. ET, when we’ll feature interviews and select moments from conversations with cephalopod experts from around the country.

Poddy Together At An Online Event

We’re hosting three virtual events with some of our fellow cephalo-aficionados to celebrate together this year! RSVP for any or all of our free, online events.

  • June 22: Live Zoom Call-in with Monterey Bay Aquarium

  • June 23: SciFri Trivia Night: Cephalopod Week with Zuckerman Institute

  • June 24: Cephalopod Movie Night Spectacular!

Join Our Sea Of Support

a variety of illustrated cephalopods
Choose from eight different cephalopods, or sponsor them all! Illustrations by Franz Anthony

Have you ever wanted to sponsor a cephalopod? Now, you can! With every donation of $8 made during Cephalopod Week, you can sponsor your favorite cephalopod.

What will it look like? Every $8 donation will get you a special Cephalopod Badge, featuring your choice of ceph, your first name and city. You’ll find it swimming in our very own Sea of Support!

Join Our Sea of Support!

Tell Us How You’re Celebrating Cephalopods

We want to hear from you! Are you able to visit a nearby aquarium to say hello to the local octopus? Creating a cuttlefish craft? Hosting a pool poddy for the octopus occasion? Or maybe practicing your drawing skills with your human tentacles? (What do they call them? Oh, arms!) We want to know. 

The best way to send us your thoughts? Download the SciFri VoxPop app for iPhone and Android. (Or search “SciFri VoxPop” wherever you get your apps.) We’ll have a few questions ready for you throughout Cephalopod Week, including: What cephalopod should win Cephalopod of the Year 2021?

Check out ways people have celebrated with us over the last eight years below!

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