Introducing ‘Science Facts’

We’re teaming up with the Reynolds Journalism Institute to help you have conversations about climate change and more.

Science Facts LogoThere are some scientific issues that—despite overwhelming consensus among scientists—continue to be controversial among the public. There are a few reasons why these topics may vex people. Maybe it’s because the implications of the science go against some people’s political beliefs. Or maybe it’s because the science doesn’t seem to fit in with their common sense view of how the world works. But the result is a major gap in beliefs between scientists and everyone else.

Many Science Friday listeners have friends and family who disagree with the scientific consensus on issues like climate change, the safety of GMOs, and vaccines. Our listeners have asked us for tools to help them have conversations around these issues. We teamed up with the Reynolds Journalism Institute to create Science Facts, a series of resources to help people have those conversations.

All of these Science Facts are fact-checked and come from experts who spoke to Science Friday or from other reliable sources. You can find out more about what went into building these, and the research behind them, here.

We hope that you use them as tools when you talk with your loved ones—whether it’s at the kitchen table or over social media.


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