What You Said: Physics Q&A

One hour. Two physicists. A lot of questions.

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Stephen Hawking’s A Brief History of Time has been praised for how it made physics accessible to a general audience. But even the most clear explanations can use some filling in at times. The SciFri Book Club’s resident readers and physicists, Priya Natarajan and Clifford Johnson, spent one hour on Twitter fielding your questions on physics, from how to detect new dimensions, to their pet peeves about depictions of physics in pop culture. Check out some of their responses below.

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On the multiverse:

On particle “spin”:

[Did you know that the Earth’s crust has created its own natural nuclear reactors?]

On time:

On new dimensions:

[You’ve heard of ants’ superhuman—er, superant—strength. But that’s just the beginning.]

On stereotypes:

On physics pet peeves:

On “new physics”:

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