What’s The Most Important Science Issue To You In Your State?

Tell us what local science issue you care most about!

We’re talking about science issues in the states this week, from how we label artificial meat in Missouri, to fighting opioid abuse in Kentucky, to protecting calving caribou in Alaska.

Popular Science senior editor Sophie Bushwick will be on the air with Ira to talk about the top science policy issues in every state. And we want to hear from you: What’s the most important science issue to you, in your state?

Share your thoughts in our comments section below. And if you want to leave a voicemail (your comment may be played on the air this week), leave us a message at (567) 243-2456.

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  • MelodyMV

    In Oregon I’ll be tracking scientists’ evolving understanding of wildfires and how best to protect wilderness, people, and air quality.

  • In Florida, it’s water- sea level rise due to climate change, conservation of groundwater supplies for an ever-growing population, and poor surface water quality leading to algal blooms due to agricultural run-off. Not surprising for a peninsula with practically no elevation.

  • Jim

    In Minnesota: Copper-Nickel mining vs jobs is the biggest issue, followed by invasive species and climate change.

  • Karody Wall & her Bio I Class

    Southwest Kansas: There is an alarming number of people being diagnosed with cancer. Relatively young people ages 40-60, who DO NOT SMOKE and are otherwise healthy. WHAT IS CAUSING THIS? Chemicals used for agriculture? feed yards? radioactive soil? WE NEED ANSWERS!

  • In New Jersey we need to protect the Pinelands, a unique ecosystem in southern NJ as well as the pristine aquifer underneath it.

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