Jason P. Dinh

National Science Foundation Intern

Jason P. Dinh is Climate Editor at Atmos Magazine in Washington, DC.  He previously was an NSF-funded intern at Science Friday. He loves stories about charismatic creatures, pop culture, and environmental science.

Before joining Science Friday, he was a AAAS Mass Media Fellow based at Discover Magazine and a freelance journalist with clips in Science, New Scientist, Hakai Magazine, and elsewhere. He holds a bachelor’s degree in biology from Duke University and will receive his Ph.D. in biology from Duke in 2023.

Jason is originally from Maryland but has lived in North Carolina for nearly a decade. He still prefers blue crabs to vinegar-based barbecue sauce, but he’s converted to a diehard Duke fan. When he’s not working, you can find him teaching his dog new tricks, Yelp-reviewing restaurants, and running long distances at a sluggish pace.