Rachel Bouton

Events Manager

Rachel Bouton is the events manager at Science Friday, where she makes sure that there is rocket fuel-strength coffee in the kitchen, and that no cephalopods are growing in the fridge.

In addition to her work at SciFri, Rachel has the very strange (but very fun) job of improvising musicals all over the country with the touring company Broadway’s Next Hit Musical, as well as every Wednesday night at NYC’s People’s Improv Theatre with Vern. She also recently started her own small business, Power Suit Improv, where she teaches improv comedy to professional women as a method of improving workplace communication skills.

Rachel grew up in Colorado where she spent most of her time running barefoot through the woods like a Homo naledi. Before moving to New York to pursue her dreams of being office manager for Science Friday, Rachel completed her Bachelors of Music in classical voice at the University of Denver, where she once performed an opera all in Mandarin, and where she learned how to tell the difference between a sackbut and a crumhorn.

Rachel believes that there is no such thing as too many tacos, and that you can tell a lot about a person by whether they prefer cake or pie (she prefers pie).