The Scientist Rebellion: “We’re Not Exaggerating” About The Climate Crisis

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Two men chaining themselves to doors of a JPMorgan Chase & Co. Bank in Los Angeles. Behind them is a sign that reads: We are Nature Defending Itself
Peter Kalmus chained to a JP Morgan & Chase in Los Angeles. Credit: Brian Emerson
Two climate organizers, one speaking into a a megaphone
Rose Abramoff chained to the White House fence. Credit: Will Dickson

Earlier this year, more than 1,000 scientists in 26 countries risked arrest during protests against climate change inaction. In Washington D.C., Rose Abramoff and other demonstrators chained themselves to the White House fence before being arrested. Across the country, Peter Kalmus chained himself to the doors of a JPMorgan Chase & Co. Bank in Los Angeles and gave an impassioned speech: “The scientists of the world are being ignored. And it’s got to stop. We’re going to lose everything. And we’re not joking. We’re not lying. We’re not exaggerating.”

Just recently, the Supreme Court recently cut the Environmental Protection Agency’s power (EPA) to regulate carbon emissions, a major step back in the climate movement.

Abramoff, a global change ecologist based in Knoxville, Tennessee, and Kalmus, a climate scientist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab based in Los Angeles, California, are members of an international group of scientists called Scientist Rebellion, who committed to sounding the alarms about the climate crisis. They join Ira to talk about the state of the climate movement, what it’s like to be a climate activist in the United States, and the power of disruption.

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Segment Guests

Peter Kalmus

Peter Kalmus is a climate scientist at the NASA Jet Propulsion Lab in Los Angeles, California.

Rose Abramoff

Rose Abramoff is a global change ecologist based in Knoxville, Tennessee.

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