Mackenzie White

2022 AAAS Mass Media Fellow

Mackenzie White was Science Friday’s 2022 AAAS Mass Media Fellow. Her favorite things to talk about are space rocks and her dog, Rocky.

A PhD student in geophysics/planetary science, she works on NASA missions to dig into the Moon, Mars, and beyond. Mackenzie aims for her reporting to strengthen the connection between science and art, nature and people.

She believes that adventure and science are deeply intertwined, learning early on that both are more fun with friends by one’s side. Biking from Texas to Alaska one summer, she succeeded in her mission to make her whole team geology-obsessed by the time they reached Canada.

A lover of unanswered questions, unexpected discoveries, and unfamiliar places, she enjoys following her curiosity to new stories, perspectives, and science.

When she isn’t writing about red dirt or combing through rover data, you can find her (and Rocky) outside hiking, taking photos, and searching for the best breakfast tacos in town. If you meet her along the way, she’d love to hear about your favorite animal.