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April 12, 2024

Varroa destructor mites are killing honeybees at an alarming rate. We’ll go inside the race to stop these parasites. Plus, meet the subnivium, a layer between snowpack and soil where some spiders, beetles, and centipedes spend the winter. And, enjoy the spectacular display of science during a baseball game—from physics to biomechanics.


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Ask a Quantum Mechanic

Teleporting data, time travel, quantum computers. Sci-fi or science reality? ‘Quantum mechanic’ Seth Lloyd joins us to talk about the mysteries of the quantum world.

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Blue Whale Barrel Roll

Blue whales can grow to 90 feet—that’s longer than a tennis court. To understand how they get so large, Jeremy Goldbogen studies their dining habits. And he found that blue whales do underwater acrobatics while they eat.

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