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March 17, 2023

Pharma companies are harnessing the power of AI to streamline the research development of new drugs. Plus, as phosphorus reserves dwindle, excess phosphorus in fertilizer pollutes waterways. And a smart toilet that give users more insight into their health.


The Power Of Phosphorus: ‘The Devil’s Element’ Author Q&A

On April 27, join our event with the author of ‘The Devil's Element’ about our long history with elemental phosphorus.

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How Utah Scientists Rang The Alarm About The Great Salt Lake

The shrinking Great Salt Lake puts Utah at risk of an ecological and public health emergency. Local scientists are stepping up, sharing actionable steps to help save it.

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Donate To Science Friday

Help support great science journalism. Make a gift today!

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Educational Resource

Sustainable Tech For The City Of Ember

The classic young adult novel The City Of Ember is a dystopian struggle for survival underneath the surface of the Earth. But what if they had made use of aquaponics and geothermal power? Find out in this claims, evidence, and reasoning STEM challenge that lives up to this novel’s compelling premise.

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Science For Everyone

You can do science anywhere. Crowd, collaborative, community and citizen science opportunities for anyone to participate in, contribute to, and lead scientific research.

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