Preview: The Science Friday Book Club Reads ‘Lost Feast’

Lenore Newman explores the history (and extinction) of some food favorites in ‘Lost Feast.’ We’ll read it together this spring.

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This story is a part of our spring Book Club conversation about ‘Lost Feast: Culinary Extinction and the Future of Food.’ Want to participate? Join our new online community space or record a voice message on the Science Friday VoxPop app.

The Science Friday Book Club is back this spring! Last season, we read speculative fiction stories by people of color and were taken to far away planets, alternative realities and not-too-distant futures. 

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This time, we invite our readers to explore food security, culinary extinction and the future of food with Lenore Newman’s Lost Feast: Culinary Extinction and the Future of Food (Bookshop) (Indiebound). Published in 2019, the book takes us back to the death of the dodo, marks the passing of the passenger pigeon, and mourns the mammoth—while also asking what they tasted like. We learn about pear species of years past, trace the fickle path of vanilla pollination, and ask what the Romans’ favorite herb might have tasted like.

Lost Feast is a lesson in the importance of plant and animal biodiversity, our relationship with the natural world, and what we may need to do to preserve the flavors and food traditions that matter most. Spring Book Club kicks off on April 16, 2021.

Want to know all the exciting things we have going on for this Book Club season? Check out all the details below.

Powell’s Books Partnership

As always, we encourage you to start with Powell’s Books, our Science Friday Book Club partner, when looking to get your copy of the book. They are offering 20% off purchases of Lost Feast throughout our Book Club!

Join Our ‘Lost Feast’ Cooking Class

We’ve teamed up with The League of Kitchens to create a lost feast in our own homes with an online cooking class! On May 16, Uzbek instructor Damira will guide you through making two of her family recipes: sambusas (baked pastry with a savory filling) and a small salad featuring pears and bell peppers.

Plus, we’ll be joined by Rachel Meyer, research director in conservation genomics at the University of California, coauthor of Botany at the Bar: The Art and Science of Making Bitters, and ancient food and medicines obsessive. Rachel will do a food science deep dive while our sambusas are baking! It will be a food-tastic, science-filled evening!

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You can now checkout the book from our partner libraries with no waiting! Science Friday has partnered with two libraries to offer their communities unlimited checkouts of the Lost Feast eBook via OverDrive for the duration of the Spring Book Club! That means no more waiting in a digital queue—all card-carrying members of our partner libraries’ systems can download the book now, free of charge and without the wait.

Read An Excerpt (Or A Whole Chapter)

Not sure this is the book for you? Want to read an excerpt before you commit? We got you. ECW, the publisher of Lost Feast, has graciously offered SciFri Book Clubbers not just a snippet, but a whole chapter to sample. Click the link below to read the excerpt on our website and download Chapter 3: Across the Sea of Grass.

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