Science Friday Is Measuring ‘Degrees Of Change’—And We Need Your Help

Climate change is happening. Our new series ‘Degrees Of Change’ explores how we’re adapting to it.

a stylized version of the earth with clouds, with the logo for degrees of changeClimate change is happening—now we need to deal with it. Degrees of Change,” a new series of hour-long radio specials from Science Friday, explores the problem of climate change and how we as a planet are adapting to it.

We’ll bring you scientists studying climate change first-hand, and we’ll talk with journalists and politicians around the country to understand climate policy solutions near you, and nationwide. Climate change is a global problem that impacts local communities differently. That’s why we’ll look to you to help direct our coverage. What have you done to reduce your impact on climate change? Is your community tackling the problem head on, or struggling to take action?

Here’s how you can get involved.

Tell Us Your Story

We want to hear from you. How is your county, city, or neighborhood responding to climate change? 

We have a new app you can use to add your voice to our show—it’s called SciFri VoxPop and it’s available for iPhone and Android. Just search for “SciFri VoxPop” wherever you get your apps, and share your voice comments for upcoming shows!

Or, send us what you or your community is doing to combat this threat by emailing We may reach out to feature your story on a future Science Friday episode!

Listen to some of the responses we’ve already gotten from our listeners.

You can also leave your story in the comments below.

Listen To Past Chapters

You can listen to past chapters of “Degrees of Change” here:

Studying How We Communicate Climate Change

We’re trying to better understand how you feel about climate change, and have developed a short survey in partnership with the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication and George Mason University’s Center for Climate Change Communication that we’ll use to make our climate change coverage more relevant to you. We are currently processing the responses. Thank you for participating!

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