Cephalopod Week

It’s back! Let’s celebrate these amazing, adaptive, and sometimes creepy creatures.

This Cuttlefish Dazzles

Internet chatter suggests that the flamboyant cuttlefish—known for ambling along the seafloor and flashing brilliant displays—is toxic. What does the science say?

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Let's get squiddy with it!


Caring for Cuttlefish

Using recycled soda bottles, modified cradles, and knowledge of each species' husbandry, the Monterey Bay Aquarium staff have nurtured to adulthood 95 percent of the cuttlefish eggs spawned.

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Cephalopod Week Wrap-Up

A wrap of highlights from Cephalopod Week, and a check-in with SciFri education manager Ariel Zych and biologist Chuck Fisher aboard the exploration vessel "Nautilus."

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Imaginary Friends

A guide to the world of imaginary companions.

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